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.Control Notes
     We started in the satellite field in 1978. We built and operated transportable downlinks for the fledging teleconference industry. We were proficient in making downlinks work in high levels of microwave interference. In the 80's we built the NYS Offtrack Betting Satellite System. We installed over 200 downlinks and built two transportable uplinks. For the next 22 years we consulted for Midwest and Harris Broadcast. We taught operation and maintenance of satellite systems and ENG trucks in the near east and in Kentucky. We started manufacturing and installing COMMERCIAL Antenna Control Systems in 1982.
    We have worked closely with Research Concepts since they were founded. We have used their controllers in all our systems. Our main group of systems use their RC-2500 series of controllers as they were designed to encompass all the best features of the major controllers on the market. That is still true today. Mating with our AIU's, we can replace any Control system made. Like we feel, they believe there is no excuse not to fully document their products. No more keeping schematics secret.
    We make systems for any make, model, and size antenna. We are here to suport our clients by email, message and phone.