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New Aiu-10
Systems: Installed VS Self Installed
     We build all our systems as "Kits". Our installation manual is written by very experience installers of our products. It is complete with step by step instructions, pictures, drawings and schematics for your system. Not a one size fits all.
     It is made for technicians with the ability to use basic tools. Drill motors, drill bits, allen keys, screw drivers, files. Can use a ladder without falling. Have the ability to read instructions, and schematics. They need to know basic electricity and electronics. Being able walk and chew gum is a good idea. In other words an electronic technician. Working in pairs is helpfull.
     As everyone knows the cost of putting a crew on the road has become prohibitive. Cost of installation vehicle, insurance, fuel, and inventory is also high. Ours was about a 300k investment. Then food, lodging and experienced labor got ridiculous. Daily cost over $4000. So we now no longer do installs.
     We build systems. You the customer has experienced techs on staff. The cost savings is self explanetory.
    WE BUILD SYSTEMS: You the customer has experience technicians on staff The cost savings are well worth your investment in time.

We are available by email, message, phone, 7/365. We cans olve any installation problems that arise this way. In 35 years we have pretty well encountered all problems that may occur. If a brick wall occurs, we have an engineer to come ant solve the problem. $1250/day plus all expenses portal to portal.